My vivid skirt and self expression.

Aviary Photo_130740892732051902

I picked this outfit for my first post because it’s one of my favourites at the moment. Approaching my first post is hard, trying to work out what it is that I want to say. Now those of you who know me in person, I’m not often lost for words. In fact I love talking.

Aviary Photo_130740892538882884

The A-line skirt with pleats is a perfect shape for work (I’ve collected three so far!). The white shirt, without buttons is smart, providing the look of a traditional shirt without the irritation of a button-down style which gapes in a thoroughly ungainly fashion (can I get a hell yeah from my big busted friends?!). I love the sheer shoulder detail, which takes a simple t-shirt style to the next level. I normally add a black blazer to the ensemble particularly as Canberra transitions from autumn into winter.


My favourite part though, is the vivid orange of the skirt which breaks the monotony of drab office furniture, grey suits and computer screen tans.  I feel like the skirt in a lot of ways speaks for me. It is vivid and perhaps a little too loud and frivolous for my office. Writing this first post, I was trying to select something that at least presents an honest version of what I’m about, which I think this outfit does to some extent, its colour composition is bright and colourful, vivid and maybe a bit frivolous; but its shape and look is professional and serious.


I read this week, an article about a woman who chooses to wear essentially the same outfit every day ( to work. All the power to her, and indeed men have been doing this for years – heard of a suit anyone? But I have to admit, I do enjoy the joy of picking an outfit every day, it is a way to decide what version of myself I want to be that day. It can be an expression of my personality in a hectic business day.


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