Rollin with my homies – my clueless shirt and what I’d tell my teen self

This weekend, he and I went to a place about an hour out of Canberra, called Grandmas Little Bakery, which I had heard lovely things about, which I thought would be fun to take some non-work outfit shots. The cafe is set in an olive grove, which was a delight to walk around and play with two farm dogs on a crisp winter day. However, the food, was a bit of a disappointment for me – I continued by three for three streak of getting raw meat. He loved his.


This adventure in the sun gave me some time to pose for some casual photos for the blog, including my most favourite purchase over the last few months. Like many women my age, I loved Clueless as a young teenager. With its witty banter, fabulous clothes and storyline based on Jane Austen’s Emma, it was a glamorous world. As I went through my teens it was clear that there was less fancy clothes and carefully planned parties, and more homework and giant pimples of epic proportions. But it developed a nostalgic appeal, that has well and truly stood the test of time.

1. clueless
I mean I’ve never got over this closet

So I was in that mecca of cheap and cheerful delight, Kmart, I was pretty excited to see this tshirt.


In honour of my awesome Clueless find, I thought I would write a listicle of the eight things I would tell my teen self throughout my teens. One for each year I was a teenager:


1. Your mother, is almost always right. You wont work that out until you are about 26, and will refuse to admit it until you are 27. Learn to appreciate your parents more, you will meet people who don’t have parents as wise and hilarious as yours.


2. You will be surrounded always by wonderful women, who will be increasingly a vital and important part of your life. Some are your friends now, and those who stick around during your bratty VCE years, really probably need a medal. Remember that there is life after VCE. A life of university exams and work trials.


3. However, beware of some of the ‘friends forever’  you make, they won’t necessarily love you forever as you grow into an adult.


4. Please Renee stop wearing brown, you are a light spring and it isn’t your colour. Also, your mum (see no. 1) is right about the awful tracksuit pants.


5. Accept that there will be twists and turns, you’ll have amazing experiences that you didn’t even dream of.

DSC042636. Don’t judge people so harshly, treat them with more kindness. Even though you are learning and developing ideas about the world, that doesn’t mean you should be unkind. Sorry jocks. You were at the brunt of my developing scepticism about the feminist implications of sport and masculinity.


7. Laugh more, realise there is power in your deeply silly nature. You have a natural gift for friend making that no. 6 is holding you back from.


8. You will be loved. You don’t realise how close you are to meeting your husband, who is indeed the perfect amount of goofball.



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