Not sorry

This morning I was beating myself up – I haven’t blogged in three weeks I said, I’m going to let it all go to hell again I ruminated. Then I was like…


I mean, I love writing, and really hope I can continue to write in this blog into the future, but I’m not going to get an attack of the guilts. Spending time with my girlfriends over the last few weekends, taking a long road trip, having my mum visit, hanging with the husband, sleeping, working and doing homework? All important parts of my life, some of which I can’t or won’t trade in, that I’m not going to give up easily. So I was like, I’ll just try to fit it in as best I can – maybe this weekend I can do some photos. No harm right? No need to get guilts – sorted!


Then today as I walked around, I noticed women, who were always sorry. Sorry for me walking past them, sorry for crossing the street, sorry for reaching over to grab something off the supermarket shelf, sorry for taking up time, sorry for having an opinion, sorry for talking on their phones, sorry for taking up a seat on the bus, sorry, sorry, sorry. I was like… Ladies, we don’t have to keep apologising for existing, for taking our place at the table, for occupying space in peoples minds. We are just as valuable as the apologee. Or voices, bodies and actions are worth so much more than we are giving them credit for.


So I dare you, don’t say sorry for a day. Challenge yourself to be only sorry, when you need to be. Accept that you are allowed to take up space in peoples minds, in meeting rooms, in buses and in life.



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