My August Wishlist

August has been crazy and shopping has taken a hit. But I have been having a bit of a wanty sort of week but unfortunately I haven’t actually won lottery yet.

  1. I would love a bow shirt.


Like this beauty from Asos (AU$49)

2. This table which could make all my stashy needs come true from West Elm at a bargain price of AU$799.


3. This trip to South Africa from Intrepid


4. A time expander so I can finish all my homework and sleep.

monsters inc

5. Another pleated skirt or two.


City chic – please stop taking my money

and Zelie for She bring this back please:


6. Volunteers for helping out with annual Hamlin Fistula fundraising. This year a casual type “low” tea for their High Tea campaign and all the fundraising chocolate. Hamlin Fistula is one of my favourite charities – it focuses on providing essential healthcare for women suffering from fistula as a result of childbirth, and also on training midwives from around the developing world in Ethiopia. Dr Catherine Hamlin is an amazing woman and doctor with a spirit that I love reading about. Last year my wonderful friends contributed to almost $AU 2000 of fundraising, which is probably about 3 or 4 life changing repair operations.

7. A lifetime of Instax film for my adorable instax camera, for a lifetime of wonderful memories.


8. Peonies


9. For my Lean-In group to take off in my workplace; to provide greater networking and support to develop stronger leadership in men and women.

10. To have time to develop a reggaeton-bellydance chereography.



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