Or so the conversation went. Something like that. A fabulous friend with amazing clothes planted the seed for the name. Then another girl sweetly approached me at a bus stop, as I recovered from pouring coffee down my shirt, and told me  how she admired my personal style every day and suggested I could start a blog. Typical of my generation, of course I facebooked it, and there was support for the idea.

But, then I was like, what was to become of my plan to become a serious blogger, writing hard-hitting pieces about feminism. Wasn’t writing about clothes a bit frivolous? But then I thought, why not combine something that I love, with something I love more. Clothes can say so much, about a person’s world, their lifestyle, their likes and dislikes. The discussion about women’s bodies and their clothes continues, with important implications for our cultures around the world. A discussion about the various ways that the world thinks about women and the space that they occupy is important and I so desperately want to be a part of that discussion.

So here it is, I’m going to try an experiment where I talk about clothes, in a truly body positive way, and combine it with observations about the role of women in society. Hopefully I can contribute something to the conversation! [A year later, I’ve changed my view about how that’s working for me]



I’m Renee, an Australian woman, living, working and studying in Canberra with my husband. I’m fortunate enough to have travelled the world, living in places like Sweden and Tonga for extended periods. My undergraduate degree was in law and international relations, focusing on human rights.  I am a bellydancer and dance with two groups in the region and I am part of the Dancing Goddesses committee that provides free bellydance lessons for women who would not otherwise be able to participate.





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